Tindred Falls

Tindred Falls is a small, diverse farming community in the southern region of the realm. The town is run by a council of successful merchants and artisans from which a figurehead mayor is chosen.

The largest building in the village is the “New” Hammerstead Inn. A two story stone building with red slate shingles and a old weathered sign hanging above the door. In the middle of the town is a statue of a regal elven warrior. At the base of the statue is a plaque that reads “Here lies Kelestra Oakenheart. Hero of Tindred Falls.”

Many years ago the town was located near the edge of a forest under the Tindred Falls of the Misty Vale. A vampire lieutenant of the the witch king mutinied and fled here seeking a secret of his former master. The kings justice was swift and merciless and the vampire was struck down by vile magics which in turn cursed the valley. Soon rabid packs of wolves, giant vermin and undead plagued the area. The townsfolk had little protection against the evils of the world and moved to a new settlement in a neighbouring valley.

It was discovered by heroes that he true resting place of Kelestra is in the pulpit of the church in the ruins of the old village. She was an exiled elven princess, paladin of devotion, and mother of the now deceased witch king.

Tindred Falls

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