The Mountain Throne

Quest for the Crown, Part the Sixth

Or: Crowned Victorious!

Finally attaining some more solid footing on the far side of the chasm, the Bucket Brigade found themselves faced with an intriguing sight: a large set of stone double doors, barred from the outside, and flanked by two large stone statues. In the ancient dwarven script on the doors was written “The Tomb of ”/wikis/herond-simrak" class=“wiki-page-link”> Herond Simrak". Set within the door were 12 oddly shaped rubies.

Seized with a bout of the Adventurer’s Grabbiness, Phelan immediately set to prising loose one of said rubies, which drew the ire of the two golems pretending to statues! Making short work of the golems, the Brigade then explored the nature of the bar on the door, which did not seem to be held in place by anything. Phelan, of course, finished removing all twelve rubies from the door.

Finding that the bar could be removed by simply pulling on it, the Brigade promptly ignored its special properties when they opened the doors and saw within the tomb of Herond Simrak.

The tomb housed a great central sarcophagus, presumably containing Herond Simrak, and twelve lesser sarcophagi about the periphery, presumably containing his commanders. Looming over the central sarcophagus, and dominating much of the room, was a massive stone statue wielding a warhammer, poised to smash the sarcophagus of the ancient King. Those of dwarven blood (including young Tapfor with his Belt of Dwarvenkind) or of magical sight were able to discern yet more transpiring within. Approximately 30’ above the floor was a swirling swarm of dwarven spirits all screaming and moaning “WHY?” down at the body of the King. A further 10’ above these spirits, and seemingly unnoticed by them, appeared to be the spirit of Herond Simrak himself wearing the Crown of Might.

Presuming, and rightly so, that the statue was yet another golem, the Brigade prepared themselves for combat and triggered the golem’s cold enmity by opening the sarcophagus of the King. It was at that moment that the twelve dwarven commanders did also rise from their resting places to do combat with the Brigade, and attempting to use the bar to seal the Brigade within the tomb!

Emerging victorious on all fronts, the Brigade set about looting the King’s body of its fine treasures, including one holy symbol of the Old Miner which rested on the King’s chest, the removal of which caused the spirit of the King to regain some kind of consciousness and attack! During the scuffle, the Brigade gained possession of the Crown of Might and defeated the spirit of the King.


-Herond Simrak’s armor: Plate Armor 2 (subsequently found to be cursed)
-Herond Simrak’s shield: Shield +2 (subsequently found to be cursed)
-Ring of Water Walking (currently assumed to be cursed, unverified)
-The Hammer of Herond Simrak: +1 Greathammer (1d12 bludgeoning), Str 13
required to wield with proficiency, wielder has advantage on saves vs magical spells & effects, wielder’s strength bonus is doubled in combat, each round the Hammer is used in combat there is a 1-in-6 chance the hammer will be too heavy to hold aloft and the wielder will lose all actions for the round and all attacks vs wielder will gain advantage.
-12 oddly shaped rubies



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