Palladin of Rage


Vengeful, Brutal, and often Melancholy. A lone warrior out to regain rights to enter his homeland.


Arranis was once named ‘Kelthen Hadriel’, and born an elf. The Hadriel family was a wealthy and powerful elven family that had been fighting for the elven nation for generations. They consistently thwarted the Witch King’s efforts to enter the elven lands, and caused him great frustration.

When Arranis was a little over 70 (15 in human terms), the Witch King cast a terrible curse on the Hadriel family. After the curse, if they ever embraced any rage or killing instinct, the curse would transform them into a half orc. Most Half orcs are the servants of the Witch King, so it was assumed that the Elves would be unable to stand the presence of the Hadriel family.

Arranis was cloistered in a Paladin retreat when the curse took hold. He’d been living with the Paladins for a years, learning the Paladin ways, and looking forward to the day when he’d be able to join his heritage of soldiering on behalf of the elven nation. He fell almost immediately to the new feelings of rage that came with the curse, and was transformed into a half orc within days. The paladin order had no problem with this, and offered him comfort and succor as he came to know his new form.

The Hadriel family fell to the curse. Many of them immediately retired from their work as defenders of the realm, fearing the curse’s power. Arranis’ older brother Ahm had been away at a monastery when all this happened, and his fate is better described elsewhere. When Arranis’ father, Kelthen the Elder, had suffered the curse, his first response was to command a legion of elves, and immediately counter attack the Witch King’s armies. The elven contingent was slaughtered to a man.

When Arranis finished his paladin training, he attempted to rejoin the elf homeland. The elves were not as accepting as the paladin order had been and he was turned away almost immediately. The undue slaughter of armies under command of Kelthen the Elder had soured the elves, and they couldn’t stand the reminder of lost bretheren under command of a Half Orc. Arranis had to go.

Arranis discarded his ties to the elves, along with his old name. He ventured out into the wilds, on one man’s hopeless quest to defeat the Witch King.


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