The Mountain Throne

The Legacy of Bumble's Rumblers

Or: When Good Beholders "Go Bad"

In the long celebrations following the defeat of the gnoll armies and their demonic patron, the Bucket Brigade found themselves enjoying a free beverage in a local tavern when a shaken traveler was overheard telling tales of an “undead giant” in an abandoned village a fortnight’s travel towards the mountains. Seeing opportunity for adventure, the Brigade wasted no time in setting off to explore this unknown locale.

Upon arrival, they found said abandoned village, which was later determined to be named Ashborne, replete with decayed, ruined buildings and long dead inhabitants. Investigation of the remains revealed that several had sustained massive blows and broken bones, and that some had become completely dessicated in a slightly less than natural manner.

Exploration of the village itself led to the discovery of the village commons, a patch of open ground int eh center of the village, roughly circular with a 30’ radius. In the center of the commons stood a 12’ tall obelisk with a plaque commemorating the deeds of a heroic adventuring party: Bumble’s Rumblers. The plaque described a time some 260 years passed when an evil wizard named Alkore Utzuar had been terrorizing the region, killing and/or kidnapping locals, and generally oppressing the people. Bumble Burrowbrew and his fellow adventurers brought battle unto Alkore and were successful in capturing him and subsequently dragging him back to Kingsport to face justice.

At this point, Tapfor Burrowbrew’s Adventuring Bucket proved its usefulness yet again by showing ripples in the water it contained, suggesting something large approaching the commons on foot. Using the tried and true scatter-and-hide-leaving-only-the-cleric-in-the-open tactic, the Brigade prepared for battle! The ensuing kerfuffle revealed that the “undead giant” was in fact a flesh golem, and that the source of the dessicated bodies was in fact a pair of phase spiders. Emerging victorious from the ordeal, the Brigade next explored the mysterious stone building perched on a spire several kilometers up the hills outside of the village.

The main thrust of the spire upon which the building perched was found to contain a cavern of some sort which had been filled in with with a stone wall bearing a weather-worn warning “DO NOT…”. Experimental Shatter probing lead to the discovery that the wall was extremely sturdy, while the surrounding natural stone was not. It also revealed something within that reacted to the loud noise by creating it’s own.

The entrance to the spire’s mini-fortress turned out to be a rope-and-plank suspension bridge 60’ above the pathway, accessed by a set of stone stairs. Once inside, the Brigade discovered some signage that bid visitors welcome to the Silent Spire Enclave, and would they please keep it down.

Exploring the first floor of the Enclave lead to the discovery, with all the grace expected of a cleric, of a potent fire trap within the fireplace, as well as some interesting books about exotic forms of undead creatures.

The second floor of the Enclave offered a much more lively discovery: the ghost of Alkore Utuzar and his helmed horror servants! A Burrowbrew once again brought battle unto this wizard’s domain. The helmed horrors were laid low, and the ghostly wizard once again pushed towards death’s welcoming door. Alkore escaped into the floor and was not seen for a time, during which additional rumblings were heard emanating from beneath the Enclave.

Within the wizard’s throne room, the Brigade found a palanquin bearing the body of a beautiful human maiden, clearly under the effects of some kind of gentle repose spell. During the heat of the battle, it was decided that prudence required the incineration of the unfortunate woman. The wizard’s own journal later revealed the woman to be Cordeliane Merrylowe, a bard and member of Bumble’s Rumblers, kept here in this state as bait to lure Bumble into a trap.

Not wanting to stick around and see what was causing the rumbling below, the Brigade escaped with the palanquin (at this point, still bearing the still-burning corpse of Cordeliane) back towards the suspension bridge, just in time to see the floor of the main hall behind them disintegrate and watch a beholder zombie rise from below!

Escaping this encounter relatively unscathed, thanks to good tactics and the liberal application of Harfling’s assassination arts, the Brigade finally found themselves with time to take stock of things and make a thorough accounting of the day’s efforts.


-Bier of Quiescence: A finely crafted steel-framed palanquin with a richly stained ebon wood canopy carved with depictions of priests kneeling in prayer over the body contained within. When a body is placed within, and an offering placed over the body’s eyes, the body is placed under the effect of the gentle repose spell for the duration afforded by the offering. 2 cp, 10 days; 2 sp, 20 days; 2 ep, 2 months; 2 gp, 6 months; 2 pp, 2 years; 2 diamonds (100 gp ea), indefinite.
-Horrific Plate: A suit of embellished plate armor decorated with barbaric and demonic visages. +1 plate armor. When an attuned wearer makes an Intimidation check, or creates a fear-based Channel Divinity effect, an illusion within the armor makes the visages eyes glow with demonic fire, and their mouths gnash and scream silently. This illusion grants advantage on the Intimidation check, or grants a +1 bonus to the save DC of the fear-based Channel Divinity effect.
-4 eye stalks from the beholder zombie
-Coffer found in flue of fireplace: 120 gp in small gems and 11 pp
-Wizard’s treasures: 1400 gp in gems, +1 weapon, dust of dryness, potion of greater healing
-Tucked underneath the body of Cordeliane upon the palanquin: a well-made steel kite shield bearing the Burrowbrew family crest. The name Bumble Burrowbrew is engraved upon the inner rim.



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