Steelfire Clanhold

The ancient stronghold of the Steelfire clan of dwarves.

Before the reign of the Witch King, Clan Steelfire was widely renowned as some of the finest shapers of metal in the realm. Even amongst the other dwarven clans, a Steelfire maker’s mark was recognized as an indisputable pedigree.

In the days preceding the Witch King’s ascension, Clan Steelfire joined with many other nations in a last bid to prevent him gaining the throne. That last battle, and its aftermath, saw the near-complete destruction of Clan Steelfire at the hands of the Witch King, and the clanhold was finally sealed behind a blood-ward.

Recently, the blood-ward on the main gates has been destroyed by Duke Kegan Elstad of Kebria. No one knows what remains within.

Steelfire Clanhold

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