Mountain Dwarf Warlock

Vital Statistics
Strength 16 +3 AC 15 Proficient Skills
Dexterity 10 Hit Points 67 Arcana +4
Constitution 16 +3 Passive Perception 12 Athletics +6
Intelligence 12 +1 Proficient Saves History +4
Wisdom 8 -1 Wisdom +2 Perception +2
Charisma 16 +3 Charisma +6
Attacks & Spellcasting
Attack Bonus
1d8+3 Bludgeoning
Versatile (1d10+3)
Chill Touch
2d8 Necrotic
Target cannot regain HP until start of my next turn. Undead have disadvantage on attacks vs me.
Eldritch Blast
2x 1d10+3 Force
Knockback 10’
Hellish Rebuke
5d10 Fire
As a reaction to being damaged. Dexterity save for half damage.
Background Sailor
Personality Traits To me a tavern brawl is a good way to get to know a new city.
I judge people by their actions, not by their words.
Ideals Respect: The thing that keeps a ship together is mutual respect between captain and crew.
Bonds I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands.
Flaws I made a terrible mistake at sea and caused our shipwreck; I would do anything to keep that a secret.

In his younger days, Baern was a soldier and a blacksmith within his clan. Clan Steelfire was renowned, even among other dwarves, for the quality of their forged weapons, and Baern had just completed his first apprenticeship, earning his maker’s mark. The traditional Clan Steelfire mark is of a flame being forged into a steel ingot atop an anvil by a smith’s hammer; Baern’s mark replaces the smith’s hammer with a war hammer.

As the Witch King was challenging the Throne, all of the realms opposed to the his ascension unified in a last ditch effort to defeat him. Unfortunately, the effort failed, and the Witch King decimated the combined forces.

Having personally witnessed the Witch King take the field, Baern fled in terror. When he reached the coast, he still didn’t feel there was enough distance, so he took up life at sea. In the last 120-ish years, Baern has spent as little time as possible with both feet on dry land.

About a year ago, during a voyage far out at sea, Baern failed in his duties on the night watch and caused the ship to wreck on an unfamiliar shore. He wandered this nightmare landscape alone and without time until he found a strange tome. The tome spoke in his mind in a language he did not know, offering a bargain he could not understand. Broken both body and mind, Baern relented and fell unconscious.

When he awoke, he found himself adrift amid the shoals of a more familiar coast with naught for possessions but a broken shard of ship’s hull, a half-remembered tome, his trusty warhammer, and an awakening in a part of his mind he never knew was there.


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