The Mountain Throne

Revolution Requited

Or: What's Up, Duke?

In the days and weeks following the events of the elven summit, the Bucket Brigade was busying themselves with stocking the supply train for their entourage and discussing options for future endeavors when a young woman named Anya Elstad entered the encampment seeking Phelan Steelfire. When brought unto his presence, Anya pleaded with him to run away and go into hiding, as her uncle, one Duke Kegan Elstad of Kebria, had not forgotten Phelan’s role in fomenting rebellion amongst his people and had hired many assassins. She also warned that the Duke had taken a modest force to try and breach the main gates of the Steelfire Clanhold, long since sealed by a blood-ward.

The Brigade made Anya welcome in their camp and gave her accommodations, but it was not to last, as the Duke’s assassins found and murdered her in their search for Phelan. Anya did not go unavenged for long, however, as the Brigade hunted down the assassins and returned the favor.

Sensing that this kind of thing might continue, the Brigade opted to deal with the Duke directly and set out for the Steelfire Clanhold. Some minor resistance was met along the way from the Duke’s forces, but the delay was minimal.

At the gates to the clanhold, battle was met with the Duke’s modest force, and the slightly-less-modest Duke himself. After some tense moments and a few surprises, the Brigade emerged (mostly) whole and (largely) victorious. The Duke has been captured, his lieutenants eliminated, and his goods liberated! Amongst the Duke’s possessions was found an ancient dwarven stone-tome detailing three rituals: 1. how to seal a portal with a magical ward that can only be opened by a blood member of the creator’s clan, 2. how to open a blood-warded portal in the presence of a blood member of the appropriate clan, and 3. how to destroy a blood ward without the presence of a blood member of the appropriate clan.


-Pelagic Pearls: A small agglomeration of black and white pearls seemingly held together by some invisible force that gets stronger the further a pearl is removed from the other pearls. If placed upon a solid surface, a pearl will burrow itself into the material much like a clam burrowing in the sea floor. Any material other than armor is damaged or destroyed by this; armor gains the following properties: a + 1 bonus, the armor becomes neutrally buoyant in water, the wearer gains a swim speed equal to their walking speed, and whenever the wearer starts their turn underwater with 0 hit points, the armor causes them to rise 60 feet toward the surface.
-Flametongue Scimitar, DMG pg 170
-Belt of Dwarvenkind, DMG pg 155
-Ring of Free Action, DMG pg 191
-Potion of Greater Healing, 4d4+4
-A wizard’s spellbook, see spell list for Mage in the Monster Manual
-the Duke’s walking around money: 500pp, 200gp, small bag of gems worth 2800gp



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