The Mountain Throne

Quest for the Crown, Part the Third

Or: CSI Kules.

Upon gaining the summit of their chosen peak, the Bucket Brigade discovered Thiazzi’s Caldera, home to the Storm Giant Thiazzi.

The giant listened to their petition for information regarding the Old Miner temple and decreed that he did not yet trust them and would put them to a test of their character. The form this test took, was a teleportation spell whisking them away to the private chambers of the ruling council of Renia, a nation on the western coast. The council was apparently expecting their arrival, and explained their task:

To negotiate a settlement to reinstate trade between Renia and Kules, their neighbor to the south, in the wake of a group of malcontent Renian farmers raiding an estate in Kules and in the process murdering a beloved Countess of the royal family.

With an agent of the council in tow, the Brigade set off southward to begin their own investigation en route to the negotiations with Kules. Thus far, their investigation seems to point to a much more organized and skilled attack than would be expected from a gaggle of angry farmers. Chasing down a lead, the Brigade is currently being escorted to Orlea, the capital of Kules, by Prince Petar of the Kules royal family.



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