The Mountain Throne

Quest for the Crown, Part the Seventh

Or: Dwarf Out of Time

With the Crown of Might in their possession, the Brigade moved on to explore passages of the Temple they had bypassed, whereupon they came into a library of dwarven manufacture. Tomes made entirely of stone, with writing carved in the ancient dwarven dialect. Therein, they learned some details of ancient dwarven history, and of particular interest, a tale about something called the ‘Fire Seeds’, which were said to create vast amounts of deadly purple smoke once touched with flame.

Moving on from there, the Brigade explored a chamber near to the main altar of the temple which was evidently the source of the pervasive purple mist. Within they found a fire pit with three seeds from which the purple mist was emanating and the body of a dwarven priest. This priest who, thanks to the preserving nature of the mist, looked as if he had died mere seconds ago, also seemed to still be breathing! Further investigation found that he was not in fact breathing, just the air itself was rushing in and out of the dwarf’s lungs of it’s own accord, as if it was trying to keep the dwarf alive.

Seeing an opportunity not likely to be seen ever again, Phelan seized the moment and called upon his own deity to help bring this ancient priest back into the land of the living. Drawing breath of his own accord for the first time in 2500 years, this priest who calls himself Nâr-Krëm, sought immediately to know the condition of both the Tomb of Herond Simrak and the Fire Seeds.

Learning of the interactions with the spirit of the King, and of the Fire Seeds being thrown into the great whirlpool in the crane room, the priest led the Brigade in a trek back to the Tomb, where it was discovered that the body of the King had disappeared! From there, the priest led them back to the crane room and insisted that the Fire Seeds must be recovered from the Tomb of the Banes below. Reluctantly, the Brigade agreed to pursue the seeds down into the whirlpool.



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