The Mountain Throne

Quest for the Crown, Part the Second

Or: Since When Can Wolves Talk?

Having successfully broken the blockage of Gowem’s Pass, the Bucket Brigade turned their attentions to finding this giant, Thiazzi, spoken of by Kristryd Torunn. Suffering from a lack of options, the Brigade ventured to the hold of Clan Thundermaul to access the dwarven library’s collected works on giants. In the process brokering trade arrangements on behalf of Tindred Falls and the Burrowbrew family.

With the knowledge gained, as well as a bribe of assorted dwarven liquors, the Brigade headed of in a likely direction into the mountains. Along the way, an evening camp was interrupted by a brazen visit from a Cultural Ministry agent. This agent extended an offer to the Brigade: if they agree to share the location of the Old Miner temple, should they find it, with ONLY the Ministry, and if they also agree to never spread any information about the Old Miner, the Ministry would offer the Brigade aid in the form of support, services, and access to equipment. He mentioned that the offer remains open, for now, and that to accept the offer, they need only visit a dwarven clanhold’s Ministry representative and sign the relevant documents.

After a brief interlude of the agent mishandling an attempt to plant a runestone (for future divinations) within the Brigade’s possessions, they continued their journey into the peaks. Along the way, they found in their path white wolf near the size of a horse, calmly staring at them. Phelan, hoping to distract and/or bribe the wolf, tossed it some jerky, for which it was vocally (in the common tongue no less) thankful.

What followed was a short and unsuccessful negotiation for passage through it’s pack territory. The white wolf instead decreed that if they were strong enough to best his pack, they would be allowed to pass. In the melee that followed, the Brigade proved their strength and gained passage.


XP rewards for this short session are 300xp per character, bringing the new total up to 2114, which is 586 shy of level 4.



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