The Mountain Throne

Desert Fangs

The gnolls are broken, their demonic leader has been destroyed and the land is safe once again. While the couatl guardian of this oasis may be dead, it left behind another caretaker. Sometime in the last few days a seed fell to the ground landing in moistened soil next to a magical pool of water. Whether by luck, or providence the seed sprouted and grew without notice from the vile creatures around it.

After the your victory a dryad, standing barely 6 inches in height appeared before you. The knowledge of the couatl had been passed down to it, and through this transference the dryad expressed knowledge of the deeds and hardships you undertook to help the land. The bucket brigade is granted two boons. First, all willing members of the bucket brigade shall receive the Blessing of the Land. And secondly, a cutting of the life giving tree shall be entrusted to their care.



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