The Mountain Throne

A bucket full of Lightning

Or: One crazy farmer's conspiracy theory

The bucket brigade was sleeping off the celebration, and Ahm was woken with the sounds of birds chirping. Ahm talked with local wildlife, and the birds and the bees were stoked. A nearby town had a Druid in it, and that Druid had the best bread, best treats, and best belly rubs that the local Flora had ever seen. It had to be seen to be believe.

In Siltsdale, the next town over, a DragonKin Druid was having a great time in a tavern. Drunk, immoral, and racously singing about the wilds, Zelthass was kind of making an ass of himself. Turns out that Zelthass and Ahm had been in the same druidic monastary just north. The monastary had been abandonded 5 years previously, and the local farmers hadn’t had any druidic visitors ever since. Ahm ended up debating the finer points of druiding with Zelthass, while the rest of the party alternatively berated and aggravated other tavern.


Moar Written Later.

Major events -

Crazy farmer.

Bullette Fight

Orc Camp

Goblin Entryway

FIght vs Team Evil

Wrapup with dragon



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